of tumors in the laboratory

Our TumorGenesis tumor modeling approach identifies biomarkers indicative of cancer by “fooling” cancer cells into thinking they’re still growing inside the patient. As a result, the tumor reacts as it naturally would, thereby increasing the accuracy of the biomarker. Once the biomarkers are identified, they can be used in TumorGenesis’ Oncology Capture Technology Platforms which isolates and helps categorize an individual patient’s heterogeneous tumor samples to enable development of patient-specific treatment options.

This proprietary technique provides a much more relevant model of a patient tumor that could be used for testing of drugs for personalized therapeutics or for the development of new drugs. We are validating this novel PDx approach firstly in Ovarian Cancer which complements the work being done to validate our AI-driven predictive models.

TumorGenesis PDx models will be offered in conjunction with current PDx animal model projects. Unlike current PDx animal models, the TumorGenesis tumor modeling approach is faster, less costly and more closely mimics the characteristics of the patient’s tumor.

We believe our novel TumorGenesis tumor modeling could provide pharmaceutical companies newfound ability for more effective and expeditious drug development and subsequently improve patient outcomes.