of tumors in the laboratory

TumorGenesis is a Global developer of world-class and innovative technologies using 3 Dimensional Cell Culture and Media and specializes in developing technologies that preserves the Patient’s Derived Cancer Tissue biological signatures and allows researchers to study cancer, in the laboratory using cancer samples that reflects the tumors found in the patients.

We believe our novel TumorGenesis tumor modeling could provide pharmaceutical companies newfound ability for more effective and expeditious drug development and subsequently improve patient outcomes.

“Our business is focused on providing the best media for the right cancer cell and sourcing those cancer cells from Patient Derived Tumors around the world.”

TumorGenesis was founded in 2018 and for the last two years has been working with its partners to advance the ovarian cancer cell culture media. Ovarian cancer is one of the leading causes for mortality with about 22,000 patient per year and a death rate of about 14,000 per year in the US alone. The standard of care for ovarian cancer patients is the use of cisplatin (or carboplatin) in combination with taxol in alternating treatments following surgery weekly with intraperitoneal and intravenous infusions of the two different drugs, one IV and the other IP, then alternating. Only 40-50% of the women survive treatment and post treatment (5 years). We first licensed in the media and the cancer cells that grow in the media and have 25 ovarian cancer cell lines, 11 of which represent 90+% of all ovarian cancers.

“A Living Library of Ovarian Cancer Cells Allows Researchers to Study Ovarian Cancer in the Laboratory setting that Mimics the Tumors found in the Patient.”

The cancer cells available to researchers that use our media are available by request only from TumorGenesis Inc. Follow this link to the request form information sheet.

We are interested in collaborations where our media can be used in existing grants as well as our new discovery kits for identifying surface markers on ovarian cancer samples from around the world. If your research grants can use our media’s and discovery kits, contact us here.